My view of every morning in Irland


My internship in England

My name is Thanusa. I am 17. I was born on August 6, 2000 in Sri Lanka. I live in Bagnolet in France. I am a student in a vocational school near Paris. I am part of the European section at my school. Now I'm in Birmingham for a 4 week traineeship to improve my English and to learn their culture and enjoy new experiences.

I started my job at The ENTERTAINER on June 13th. It is a toy shop. You can find the shop in Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull. In my shop, there are seven people working each day. I work from Monday to Saturday and I do not work on Tuesdays and Sundays. Monday to Friday I start at 10am and finish at 4:30pm. On Saturday, I start at 8 o’clock and I finish at 2.30pm. My lunch time is from 12 to 12:30. I only get thirty minutes to eat. I eat with my friend in front of the library. My day planner is always in the office. Before I start my job I have to look at my planner. Everyday I do different tasks as below :
10:00 to 12:00 I check the product posters which shoul…

My three places to visit: Packwood House

Packwood House is a Tudor manor house near Lapworth, Warwickshire. It was largely rebuilt between 1925 and 1945 in the style of an authentic Tudor Manor. Owned by the National Trust since 1941, the house is a Grade I listed building. It has a wealth of tapestries and fine furniture. It is also popular for its yew gardens.

The house was built for John Fetherston between 1556 and 1560. The famous Yew Garden contains over 100 trees. One of the beds in the house was used by Queen Margaret of Anjou the night before her terrible defeat at the Battle of Tewkesbury.

ThanusaLycée Eugénie Cotton

Solihull college university centre

Solihull college is a college who is located in Solihull in the West Milands, United Kingdom. Formerly called Solihull College of Technologies for further education. The college has two main campuses the Blosomfield campus in central solihull and the Wood lands campus based in Smith’s Wood North Solihull. The principal of the College is John Callaghan. Solihull college offer full-time, Part-time higher education courses and employment training.

Solihull Courses Solihull College offers a variety of courses from vocational courses to foundation College-level programmes and apprenticeships. The college also offers a variety of university-level qualifications including HNCs and HNDs , foundation degrees, top-up degrees , master’s degrees and full Ba degrees. A number of the higher education qualifications are accredited by the University of Warwick and Oxford Brookes University. Part-time courses and community courses are also offered by the college.

University of Warwick Oxford Brooke…

Whitewall Galleries

The gallery :
-Whitewall galleries was created to make the amazing world of contemporary art accessible to everyone.
-It first opened in London’s Westbourne Grove at the end of 2006.
And it offers beautiful and innovated original paintings, collectable editions and sculptures from internationally acclaimed artists.
-They have more than 40 galleries.

What about the artists?
The artists suggest many types of painting and much more to seduce us like : landscape, floral, wildlife, coastal, abstract, cityscape...
Some of their artists have won big rewards over the last five years; recent accolades include President’s 1st Choice at the Florence Biennale for Danielle O’Connor Akiyama (2014 artist) Tour international Magazine for Fabian Perez and BBC Frozen Planet Widlife Artist of the year 2012 and 2013 for Jonathan Truss. Information about the galleries (which I was able to visit) :
Adresses: 50 sheepPost Code: CV37 6EECity: Stratford-upon-Avon When I went it, I found this gallery very sophi…


Me llamo Camélia tiene 16 años y soy estudiante en Merchandising Visual en Montreuil. Actualmente soy cursillista en un Showroom que se llama Moma en Valencia.

Lunes 11/06
Primer día en Valencia. Encuentro con Sara y María los responsables del Showroom. He visitado la ciudad y la playa. Me sentía muy cansada.

Martes 12
Primer día de trabajo. Sara y María me acogieron muy bien en la empresa. Por la mañana María me presentó todas las colecciones del Showroom después me pidió crear algunos looks con ropa de ciertas colecciones para Instagram. Y por fin he ordenado cajas.
Quería decir que martes por la mañana me levanté con estrés bastante normal para una estudiante que hace su primer día de trabajo en otro país. Pero, el martes por la tarde me sentía muy mal moralmente y muy cansada. María me preguntó si quería irme a casa para descansar para que el miércoles vuelva en forma.

Miércoles 13
Por la mañana todavía me sentí mal. Acababa de pasar una noche horrible; mi estrés y mi angustia hab…

Mi primera semana en Valencia

La première semaine c’est très bien déroulé. Je n’ai pas mis beaucoup de temps à m’habituer. J’arrive facilement à me repérer. Le stage s’est très bien passer. Quand je n’ai plus de tâche, ma tutrice m’aide à améliorer mon Espagnol tout en restant dans le domaine de la gestion et de l'administration.

Entiendo español un poco mejor. Aprendí nuevas palabras. Todo va muy bien. He aprendido a trabajar en español con María y Sara. En Moma showroom, mi empresa de acogida, tengo que completar una base de datos. Me gusta Valencia porque es una ciudad tranquila y coloreada. Los Valencianos son muy simpáticos. Siempre hace buen tiempo. El domingo, fui à la isla de Tabarca. Es una isla pequeña y magnífica.

THIVIYAN Natseelan – 1 GA2

Les élèves du lycée Champlain à Santander

Un petit clin d'œil du musée maritime de Santander.

Cinq siècles de relations franco-polonaises

Il y a 2 semaines, nos élèves du lycée Alfred Costes revenaient de 4 semaines de stage en Pologne. Afin de renforcer une meilleure connaissance des liens entre nos deux pays, le site de la BNF nous propose de poursuivre ce voyage au travers d'un site événement sur l'héritage France - Pologne :

"Il y a cent ans, la Pologne retrouvait son indépendance après cent-vingt-trois ans d’effacement des cartes de l’Europe. L’ouverture de la bibliothèque numérique France-Pologne en cette année anniversaire s’inscrit dans la commémoration de cet événement."


Do widzenia

Dernier repas à Varsovie et les adieux aux tuteurs de stage pour nos élèves du Lycée Alfred Costes.

Varsovie par Kelly

Merci Kelly pour ce témoignage en noir et blanc.

Dylan et Yani

L'opportunité de vivre à l'étranger c'est aussi ça aussi ça le projet Paloma Erasmus+.

Julien à Varsovie

Deuxième semaine à Varsovie pour Julien qui incruste, retouche et efface, in English, please!

Immersion chez TVN

Première journée en immersion pour Kelly et Mateusz chez TVN

Yani et Dylan chez Drukarnia

Accueil chaleureux du tuteur de stage de Yani et Dylan.

Nos élèves chez TVN

Accueil chaleureux chez TVN avec café, thé, jus de fruits, pour notre premier rendez-vous.